Once upon a time, in the land of beautiful people, there lived a Lip Queen. This Lip Queen, who was a doctor by profession, would do anything to make people look beautiful. All her life energy depended on them being happy. She would beautify all the people she touched with her magic hands. These people have always wondered the secret of Lip Queen's touch. In order not to upset her fans, we present you the interview she did with us.

Who is Dr. Özge AYDIN?

I graduated from 1992 Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. I am one of the few medical aesthetic physicians authorized by the Ministry of Health. I am a Gemini, I am fond of the beautiful, beautification and art. Watching and painting the beauties of the sea as a boat captain for 20 years because of my love of the sea is one of my most enjoyable hobbies. I have combined my love for people and my love for art in aesthetics. For this reason, I feel very lucky because I have a job that I do very fondly and even with love. My enthusiasm for pursuing innovations and new techniques in my profession never ends. I believe that visual arts and music refine, develop and nourish the human soul. I love making people happy with my work.

How long have you been doing lip filler and why do you put so much emphasis on the lips?

Lips are at the very center of facial aesthetics with their color, shape and texture, adding magical beauty and meaning. With its attractive shape and elegant volume, lips add a wonderful meaning to our face when we speak. Just like a beautiful painting, you can't get enough of looking at it. As a doctor, it is extremely enjoyable to combine technique and art, but what gives me the most pleasure is the incredible happiness of the person in front of me after the procedure is over and the beautiful words spoken... I never expected this much... I can't get enough of looking in the mirrors... I love you so much... I'm so glad I came here... This is really an art... You are an artist... I can't believe it... And hugs, mouth in ears... How happy we are to be blessed by Allah to experience this feeling. I've been doing it for about 15 years, but I strive to make each one more beautiful than the previous one. I discover the anatomy, structure and texture of the lip over and over again, every small and small point.

How much filler do you usually use?

I usually do not exceed 1 ml of filler in the first session, because I have to respect the tissue. If it is not enough, it fits well after 1 month and can be touched again.

Which brands do you prefer?

I prefer fillers whose rheological properties are compatible with the lip texture, which maintain the lip shape well, do not clump, and give a good contour.

How do you achieve the best results?

In fact, I can get the best result on lips that have never been filled before, because only then it is as I want. If there is a previous filling, it carries the signature of the previous maker and it is very difficult to change it. It is necessary to melt it to reconstruct it, which is not a process I like. Of course, I do it when I have to, but sometimes I sometimes spend 2 months for the best result. For each lip, applying the most appropriate technique specific to each lip delicately and carefully and using a good filler provides the best result. I traveled all over the world to learn these techniques, attended countless congresses and workshops abroad and watched the best ones. I made a synthesis and combined my artistic perspective and my mastery of texture and created my own technique. Of course, I spent years for this.

What do you think about the Russian technique of lip filler?

As a matter of fact, my view of the Russian technique lip filler has changed a lot after working with two masters abroad on this subject. I really started to reveal very effective and pleasant images in shaping. In the Russian technique, the lip never ducks, does not go forward, there is a lip lift effect on the side and the lip lifts straight up. The lip does not expand and gathers in the center. The nose-lip distance is shortened. This makes you look younger. However, nowadays, when it is overdone, when a large amount of filler is used or without a good command of the technique, and if the appropriate filler is not used, very artificial results can occur. This denigrates the name of this technique. The best thing is to choose the best technique for each lip or to blend the techniques, leaving the amount in the dose.

What do you pay attention to when filling your lips?

The shortening of the length between the lips and nose, that is, the lip lift effect, rejuvenates and makes people look more pleasant. I pay as much attention to this as possible. I shape the lip by taking into account the proportions of the face, without creating the feeling that an application has been made, giving elegant volumes without overdoing it. Sometimes shaping is more important than volume, sometimes vice versa. If possible, I pay close attention to keeping the upper and lower lip in the golden ratio. Sometimes only the upper lip is done or desired. However, this can disrupt the balance and naturalness of the lip. Before the application, I always talk to my patient, learn about his/her expectations and explain how we can get the best possible result. I always call for a check-up. Only then do I get results closer to perfection.

The most feared result is duck lips and unnatural images, how do you avoid this?

Experience and technique are very important for this. And of course quantity... It is such a delicate work that the slightest excess or deficiency eliminates both shape and elegance. For this reason, beautiful results can be achieved with very small amounts and a long work with care. If a lip has become duck due to the previous filling, unfortunately it is not possible to correct it without melting it. Of course, it is also important that the filler you use is suitable for the lip.

There are very different prices in the clinics, what could be the reason for this?

This may of course be related to the experience of the practitioner, the amount used and the type of filler.

Who mostly prefer to have lip fillers?

There is a lot of demand both from abroad and at home. Especially young people between the ages of 20-35 are very determined. They want more attractive and fuller lips. At older ages, the lips begin to thin and lose their shape as they age. Especially over the age of 40, the majority of those who prefer it are those who want to eliminate the effects of aging and preserve their natural state and shape.

What would you recommend for those who want lip filler training in the country?

Due to my many trainings and experiences abroad, I receive a lot of training requests from those who see what I do. At Doctorduo Academy, I share what I know with many colleagues. It is also very enjoyable for me to give training because knowledge grows as it is shared. I think the fact that I grew up in a family of educators has a great effect.

What is your motto on this?

Always better and touches that respect the texture of the lips.